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Hitoride Wanai
I did a thing in honor of a buddy of mine. Stormblood expansion is fast approaching, and everyone is going to be heading East in FFXIV. We all know Konner Kinkaid is going to be out there somewhere. Hope you get to see it with us one day, Kin. 

"Hitoride Wanai" is our guild slogan coined by Kin, meaning "Not Alone."

Kin and his concept belong to his respective player. Garb and items design credit to SE/FFXIV
Was in the mood to practice water and cloud effects, and a doodle of that turned into this. Leera just messing around on his down time, which if you leave him alone, is the most likely thing he'll do. If not this, swimming below the water. 

Done in Procreate 
Leera is mine~
Creation Sisters
In an effort to draw more of the sibling subjects, here are two more developed sub characters. On the left is 193MS and to the right her twin sister, 192DL. They are Maker's Spark and Destroyer's Light respectively. Spark is a restoration unit, a tier three unit capable of performing extensive healing and life-giving magics. Restoration units can heal everyone from the brink of death except themselves, so they often rely on another unit of the same time to make the pair an immortal combination. Her sister, Light, was destined to be that partner, but a failure in her rebirth made her healing light toxic. Any attempt at healing results in the opposite effect, usually drawing the aether away from the body rather than feeding into it. As such, she was classified a disposal unit and used in the execution wing. Light is the second disposal unit to be created.

Her sister resents that rebirth failed her sister, and her sister came to accept her fate by altering her white mask with her first kill's blood. The symbol of the mouth became synonymous with disposal units, and she wears that symbol openly. Light, unlike other disposal units, will only kill those her sister, Spark, deems unfit for life.

The sisters are highlander women with unknown origins. Both wear white suits of thin armor, as neither are used for combat.

Done with Procreate
Let's Relax and Talk Awhile
Doodle of a recent rp scene between Nate and Leera, where Leera has been keeping his eye on Nate for some time now, only to finally step out of hiding and corner him to chit chat. His spoken purpose is to fulfill a deal made by a man who wants Nate handed over, but Leera grabbed Nate long enough and sat him still to let him know of other intentions.

Nate belongs to respective owner~
The Caern
Some headcannon stuff with the help of tenwulfe and the concept of a chimera known as the caern. You may recall a picture I did a while back of a creature like this more of a nightmare wendigo picture. The chimera itself is a living wendigo, which is a deer like creature with a demonically insatiable appetite. A character, Glace, owned by tenwulfe, had this creature as his bete noire.

They are a scavenger type of monster but also predatory despite their original forms of common deer. They had been chemically enhanced, bred, and grown to be terrors, often moving in packs, to clear out large spans of land.

Since we had used the caern in some recent rp , I wanted to draw one stepping out of its cloaking shadows for what I think the face of one would look like.

Caern is Ciel's headbaby


Overactive imagination at work
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hello onlookers.

My name's creamy423, c423, or Ceephor. Call me what you want. I draw in my spare time. I usually enjoy learning new styles or adding to my own style from various mangas or animes I end up watching. If it isn't character sketches, it's comics.

Aside from drawing, I'm a die hard videogamer. If you're a Nintendian like I am, I'm open to friend requests/friend code trading/ ect. I also play some instruments and learn various languages.

Take a look around. I don't do requests much anymore since my free time is random and usually short lived. Enjoy!
Hello to all who have found this page!

It was time for a fresh entry. So, I'm c423, Ceephor, whatever you want to call me. Feel free to look around and comment. You can also send me a note if you'd like. I'm open to accepting new friends.

Requests/Commission Information:

I don't usually do requests as my free time is erratic at best. Usually any art you might find around dA that someone else has and is from me generally means that I'm friends with them and I did them up a gift for some reason. So, if you're interested in something and really determined to get it, just be my friend. I can't vouch for when you'll get it or what you'll get, but you'll get something. I'm sure by the time I get to know you, I'll have dug up something you like. Commissions I don't do because I'm not here to make money. Art is a hobby and it costs me $0 to draw something, so there's no point in charging you for a picture.

That being said, if you still want to request something:
- Please don't request anything profane.
- Please don't expect it done in a timely fashion.
- Please don't beg @@

It's not that these works take long to do, it's just that with school and multiple jobs, finding the 4 hours of undivided attention to devote to a really good piece is tough to come by. That being said! I still have done many, many works for others. Much of what I do is character sheets, say, for RPs or just general designs. I love giving gifts to friends when I have the time to do them. Let me get to know you, you can get to know me, and we can share art.

Other Stuff:

I also do more than just draw. I'm an avid videogame lover and die-hard Zelda obsessee. I play Super Smash Bros. Brawl if you'd like to trade FCs for a few rounds. I also belong to the gPotato hosts MMO, Allods Online. If you're a member, do please send me a note!

And if you just wanna chat about nothing, feel free to send me a note. I'm all for it.
This semester is a bit more forgiving on my time, so I hope to put up a few more pieces before finals consume me once more.
Thanks for stopping by!



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